Session Topics

Carbon nanotubes and Graphene Research

Tour of Rivermarket Area & Registration

Nanomaterials for Energy

Cope Scholars Symposium

Medicinal Chemistry

Protein Mass Spectrometry

Chemical Education

Natural Products Chemistry

Inorganic Division

Food Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

History of Chemistry

Drug Discovery

Coherent Two Dimensional Spectroscopy

Chemical Toxicology

General Poster Session 


Analytical Chemistry


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Program Highlights

Plenary Speaker

John C Wright, PhD of the University of Wisconsin - Madison will deliver the keynote address for the meeting entitled "The Emerging Family of Coherent Multidimensional Schrodinger Cat State Spectroscopies and Their March to Dominance in the Chemical Sciences" 

Women in Chemistry

Cheryl B. Frech, PhD of the University of Central Oklahoma will deliver the keynote address for the Women in Chemistry luncheon. She is an advocate for professional engagement in chemistry interested in communicating chemistry to the public, the scholarship of the periodic table, mentoring faculty and team-based chemistry education. 

Awards and Recognition

A wide range of awards recognizing how great scientists can do great things but not always about science.   Learn more here.

Pre-College Programming

Our goal is to help teachers of science and chemistry with concrete ideas for easy integration into the classroom.  How?  Go here.

Undergraduate Program

We are delighted that you will be attending and have arranged for an exciting, packed three days of activities for undergraduate students.  We have an awesome Keynote speaker, Tom Goodwin PhD, who will give a talk entitled " Adventures in Research with Undergraduates and other Mammals."  You can find out more here.  And that's not all that is going on.  Check it out!

Chemistry in Action Demos!

Al Hazari, PhD (University of Tennessee, Knoxville),  program developer and director, will showcase science and engineering concepts  through a variety of hands-on demonstrations and experiments for students and teachers and the general public.  

That's not it!  If you or your school would like to be represented in the Chem Demo Exchange, go here to read and complete the form.